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1973 Greco Japan SG1300 Doubleneck 6/12-String Vintage SG w/Hardcase Cherry Red

1973 Greco Japan SG1300 Doubleneck 6/12-String Vintage SG w/Hardcase Cherry Red

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The kind of guitar that collectors and players dream of. Built in extremely small numbers from the early 70's, the SG1300 from Greco was the Fujigen version of the Gibson EDS1275 (that rose to fame largely thanks to the release of Stairway to Heaven in 1971). It's not a stretch to say that this is one of the hardest Greco models to buy in the modern market!

Weighing it at a whopping 7.3kg's, it's constructed with a mahogany body and two mahogany necks with bound rosewood fingerboards. Full Gibson aesthetic with open-book headstocks, split fingerboard inlays and the Gibson font GNECO logo on the headstock and original pickup covers. Some early Japanese doublenecks have bolt-on construction, whereas this is a higher end model with set-neck construction on both.

This one is in good condition and shows signs of being lightly and lovingly used over the years. Frets have some wear but play well with plenty of life left, necks are both nice and straight with functional trussrods. Two of the pickups have been replaced with unknown models (although the originals are still included), the nuts have both been replaced along with the 12-string bridge (originals also included). There's also been a Bigsby installed on the 6-string side. Electronics are all functional with some scratchiness in the pots. Includes the original hardcase. Headstock "DELUXE" decals appear aftermarket and are easily removable.

More pics available on the site, eBay limits it to 12. 

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