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1983 Fender Japan JV Series '57 Vintage Stratocaster (Red) w/USA Pickups

1983 Fender Japan JV Series '57 Vintage Stratocaster (Red) w/USA Pickups

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There's a reason a lot of well educated people claim that these are as good as an 80's USA model..

An '57 Vintage reissue model from the Fujigen factory, this one is neck stamped 6-13-83 and appears to be all original both inside and out. Alder body with a polyester finish, 21 fret maple neck with a walnut skunk stripe, it weighs 3.5kg's. Unlike most of the lower end Japanese models that had ceramic pickups, this one features a factory set of cloth wired American made "Fender US Vintage Single Coil" alnico pickups.

Given a professional service prior to listing, frets are shiny and have plenty of life, truss is adjustable and the neck is straight. Original pots were flushed and work well along with the original 3-way DM-30 switch, currently strung with Elixirs.

The only non-original aspect on this appears to be the plugged holes on the headstock where the previous owner had an aftermarket locking nut installed.

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