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Casio DG-10 Digital Electric Guitar Project

Casio DG-10 Digital Electric Guitar Project

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The Mojo Thrift Shop is back! 

We recently picked up a big deceased estate of project guitars that may have been a few more than we can handle at the moment (the warehouse is at capacity..) so we're letting some free into the wild for you to complete yourselves! They seem like they'll all come up nicely with a little work. Sold as-is.

We've had them photographed and transferred them straight back to the warehouse for shipping, so what you see is what you get. Sold as-is, as pictured.

Do your research because we're not going to be fielding questions on models/years etc (there's plenty of detailed pics in the listing that should help you on your hunt), if you want to buy it message us and we'll send you a link for payment. Once again, sold as-is!

We offer a courier service Australia wide on our guitars! All prices include secure and sturdy packaging to ensure your guitar arrives safely. Contact us via email for any questions.

We only offer returns on faulty or broken items, not if you change your mind. All guitars are thoroughly tested here and we'll do our best to list any known troubles in the condition section above.  

Visit mojostompboxes for free courier Australia wide!
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