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1994 Charvel Jackson HS Superstrat (Yellow)

1994 Charvel Jackson HS Superstrat (Yellow)

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Japanese made for the Japanese market in around 1994, this is a bit of a mystery superstrat model from Charvel/Jackson! Basswood stratocaster shape body with HSH routing bolted to a maple neck with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, it weighs 3.8kg's. Loaded with a pair of Jackson J-100/J-90C pickups, what looks to be an aftermarket Stratocaster style tremolo and a three-way pickup selector. 

Not too sure what model or exact origin this is but it's received a full professional setup and service prior to listing. There's a professionally installed shim on the side of the neck to tighten up the neck pocket, the frets are shiny and smooth with plenty of life and the truss adjusts as it should. 

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